Prayer Summary 081718

Please Do NOT share these prayer requests outside the ministry team unless you speak with Doug or Caroline.
If you have anything to add to this update, please contact me (Doug) by text or email.
  1. Essex County Jail - Paul Shoaf-Kozak has tendered his resignation as of August 25!!!
    We must pray diligently for both the Interfaith Chaplain and Protestant Chaplain positions. Maureen Oh has indicated that the jail does intend to let existing programming continue unhindered. Please pray for the man that God is speaking to to step out in faith. This is a critical time!

    In addition, the conditions in the jail are at a serious level. Violence, fear, a dark spirit have covered the facility. Correctional Officer's are leaving their jobs, men are miserable and angry. They need Jesus Christ! 
  2. Billerica Jail - Applications in process for Julius Lambert, Roberto Reyes, and Jake Williams, which will be the ministry team. Doug will also be doing one-to-one aftercare release support with men. There is a possibility of a part-time Protestant Chaplain's position at this jail for Doug. 
  3. Shirley Jail - Doug will be attending Volunteer Orientation this coming Monday (8/20/18). The ministry schedule is still to be determined.
  4. Boston Jail - Please pray for the right time to connect with the Chaplain at the Nashua Street Jail in Boston. Pray for the ministry team and Discipleship Group that will be launched.
  5. Jacob Williams - Jake will be taking on the role of New Brothers Services Coordinator, connecting with men, gathering prayer needs, and coordinating services for them as needed. Jake will also be getting involved in the Lawrence Discipleship Group on a regular basis.
  6. Roberto Reyes - Roberto has just begun to minister with New Brothers and will working towards leading the Saturday Lynn Discipleship Group. He will also be ministering at the Billerica Jail and... prayerfully will be part of the launch team in Boston
  7. Mark Maesano - Mark has taken on the role of Church Coordinator, a newly created position that will be focused on engaging the Body of Christ with the ministry. 
  8. HopeMail - We sent out July's HopeMail this past week. There were 11 sent. Please pray for, and be deliberate about sharing the ministry with everyone you know. Contact Caroline if you have any questions about HopeMail.
  9. New Beginnings For Women - Please pray about the ministry at Great Hill. While the men's meeting on Thursday is steady, the women's meeting and First Sunday are unclear. Pray for director, Shelley, to have a softened heart and to grow in her support for the ministry. Also, for her salvation.
  10. Danvers Nazarene - After meeting the with Pastor Elisha Cho, he feels that his church would be willing to commit to a six month launch plan for the  Danvers/Beverly Discipleship Group. Please pray for the leadership team that will take that group.
  11. Jim LaFontaine - Doug is planning on meeting with Pastor im to discuss the launch of Gloucester Discipleship Group.
  12. Prayer for services covered by Doug this month. - Doug has two more services to cover in the month of August. Both are at the Advent Christian Church in Haverhill. One is worship and preaching, the other is worship only. 
  13. Teen Challenge - How do we support and engage directly in Aftercare? September 14th ministry (Al should attend if possible.)
  14. Straight Ahead - Will begin coming to join us in prayer twice a month, rotating their team (Jason Ludwig, Hector Brito, Maureen Oh, Andrew ?)
  15.  All Discipleship Groups
  16. All Jails
Specific men and women
Joseph Leary
Michael Martin - Mother in rehab for broken pelvis. Needs prayer for trusting Christ in a new relationship with a Christian woman
Frank LaMonde - Needs a new attorney for his custody case. Favor with system and self control by the Holy Spirit.
Donald Chase
Nathan Chase - Currently in Middleton. Ragiing addiction right now. Pray that he would consider Teen Challenge
Jack Jackson